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KANZEN SmartCoat

  • SmartCoat, surface coating Products Nano-titanium dioxide-free, scentless, disease-free access to all pathogens. Protect all surfaces It is also healthy and environmentally friendly.
  • SmartCoat, sustainable technologies for therapy and disinfection in the Air for the future the world’s smallest nanoparticle titanium dioxide and the most nimble reaction to any light.

Property of Nano Titanium dioxide

Nano Titanium dioxide not only to get rid of germs but also degraded the remains of it. Because catalyst are more effective than other antimicrobial agents and able to antiseptics another bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, และ Salmonella Choleraesuis. It will work when their are bacteria touch or spread  to the surface. Moreover toxins from the cells are also destroyed by photocatalysis. and an importance thing, Nano Titanium dioxide will not decrease efficiency or reduce the volume after destroy bacteria. and Their are efficiency for long lasting. In general SmartCost can stop or resist bacteria more than Chlorine about 3 times and O-zone 1.5 times. It will not contain toxic residues or affect users and the environment.

Hydroxyl-Radical (OH-) and Super (O2-) nanoparticles produced by nanosized titanium dioxide Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which cause odors such as methane the smell of degradation remains by bacteria. The pollutant polluted by chemicals will break the bond between the molecules of those substances. In this way, organic matter that disappear in the air is broken down into single molecules, so it can not harm or affect the human body.

Nanostructured nanoparticles can remove airborne pollutants such as: Nitrogen oxide, smoke, and various volatiles. Out of the building, including the structure of the building. It also helps prevent soot and black stains. It will also help eliminate atmospheric pollutants such as Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

In addition, It also has the ability to purify air by eliminating molecules that cause respiratory tract damage, such as cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, uranium, fuel. And many other hydrocarbon compounds in the air. Nano Titanium Dioxide can make clean air from pollutants, pollutants, bacteria, and harmful gases.

The outer wall of the building is covered with soot from the combustion of the engine oil. When sprayed with nano-titanium dioxide, which has the ability to catalyze the light, the wall has the ability to clean itself. When stimulated with nanoparticles, titanium dioxide breaks down hydrocarbon compounds and dust. The walls are sticky and easily leached from the walls when it rains, making the walls look clean and new.

Archidex 2015 New Product Award.

The 17th International Interior Design & Building Exhibition Malaysia

August 2015, SmartCoat participated in ARCHIDEX 2015, one of the

Malaysia Largest Interior Design and Construction Exhibition. Another

milestone achieved, by winning the ARCHIDEX’15 New Product Award

has given us the recognition of the success and proven efforts in

researching and developing this technology.